Park Royal MCM Refresh
A full main floor renovation of a mid-century modern home including the master bedroom, several bathrooms, kitchen, dining, and living spaces. Much of the original character and the stonework were retained and incorporated into a fresh, modern design.
Modern Industrial Bathroom Makeover
Clean, modern lines with a bold palette and industrial finishes.
Redwood Full Kitchen Renovation
A mid-century modern kitchen gets new wideopen spaces, contemporary upgrades, and custom woodwork finishes.
Historical to Modern Home Renovation
A south-side historical home gets a major interior remodel that emphasizes new modern upgrades and finishes.
Northside Complete Main Floor Remodel
The main floor of this home was opened up to create more fluid space for entertaining and general functionality.
Major Small Kitchen and Living Room Renovation
This small kitchen is proof that small deliberate changes can make a huge difference in overall functionality and style!
Eclectic Southside Home Renovation
A main floor renovation that focuses on each space stylistically and creates functionality and congruency as a whole for the Clients
Garage Suite New Build In Ultimate
New suited garage build that expresses the Client’s incredible creativity and style where classic meets industrial